Leadership and Communication Training Workshop on 16 Aug 2014

HKIE Toastmasters ClubLeadership and Communication Training Workshop


Date, Time & Venue

16 Aug 2014 (Sat.); 1:30pm to 4:30pm; To be confirmed

Programme Highlights

Do you want to know how you can be a great leader? Do you think you have not talked in English for ages and want to practise more? Do you want to know how you can confidently deliver a speech on a stage?

Communication, public speaking and leadership are key competencies which modern engineers need in order to succeed in their careers. The HKIE Toastmasters Club provides opportunities for you to improve through a structured self learning program and mentoring by experienced fellow engineers.

We have Leadership and communication training workshop to let you know how you can be a great leader and in which you can practise your public speaking skills. The workshop is designed in an interactive way under a relaxing and supportive environment. You can learn through games, a leadership talk, impromptu, prepared and evaluation speech sessions in which you receive instant feedback on your performance for further improvement.

We welcome all guests and look forward to seeing you at our workshop!


All are welcome. Young engineers are in a higher priority.

Registration and Enquiries

This workshop is $100 for guests and $50 for early bird registration before 1st August 2014. A special discount of $20 dollars each is given if you join in a group of over 3 people. It is free of charge for HKIE toastmasters. Prior registration is required. For registration, please contact our Vice President Public Relations Mr Franco Chan by vppr@hkietmc.com by returning the reply slip. For enquiries, please contact our Vice President Membership Ir Lily Chan by vpm@hkietmc.com. CPD certificate will be given at the end of the workshop.