Club President's Welcome Message

Welcome to The HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) Toastmasters Club! 

Do you want to get a successful career and become a star engineers? Do you think your communication skills is your burden to become successful? Do you want the people around you say you are a good leader? If you say "YES" to the above three questions. Our answer for you is getting a taste in HKIE Toastmaster club!

What you can do here? You can:
1. Improve your Communication Skills and Public Speaking Skills
2. Improve your Leadership Skills
3. Meet Engineers from different fields (e.g. civil, geotechnical, electrical, environmental, structural etc.)

Everyone can get improvement and become better through training and practice. The HKIE Toastmasters Clubs is definitely a right place for you to improve your communication and leadership skills. When you are our members, you will get two manuals from Toastmasters International : Competent Communication (CC) manual and Competent Leadership (CL) manual. We always emphasize on learn by doing. Every members and guests will get a chance to practise communication skills and leadership skills on the stage. If you are not yet ready to stand on the stage, you can also learn by observing the performance of other seasoned toastmasters. Every members will have the chance to practise leadership skills by taking roles of facilitators in our club. More importantly, every performers will get positive feedback and encouragement from seasoned member for areas of improvements. 

HKIE Toastmasters Club is an in-house club and is affiliated with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. It was established in 2002. Our mission and slogan is ‘Engineering Better Communication and Leadership’. HKIE Toastmaster Club is definitely a good platform for our Toastmasters to improve their communication skills and leadership skills. Toastmasters are provided with a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to practise public speaking and leadership skills. 

Effective communication skills and leadership skills are the basic and fundamentals for every successful engineers. Come to the HKIE Toastmasters Club regular meetings! You will enjoy the fun to learn together in a supportive and positive environment. Eventually, your career will be developed more successfully.

In the session 2015-16, I would lead a our team of executive members to help our club members to improve communication skills and leadership skills.

On behave of the HKIE toastmasters club, I am pleased to encouraged you to visit our club for free. Our regular meeting is held on the first Wednesday of every month in general at the 9/F HKIE headquarters. If you would like to know more about our club, please feel free to contact me at presi@hkietmc.com.

Best Regards,
Ir Franco C.T. CHAN

Club President (2015-2016)

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Toastmasters Club
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